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The Act Now Collective was established to engage, inform and empower people to take climate action. We are a group of individuals, from different places and backgrounds, that came together through a shared belief that climate action is a positive, life-enhancing endeavour.

Our mission is to encourage people to believe that individual change, however small, can make a difference, benefitting themselves, their community, society and the planet. We aim to be open and inclusive in our discourse, always acting with integrity, sincerity and without judgement.

Our ambition is to build a community of shared knowledge and collaboration that is full of fun, positivity and hope.

The information provided on this website is evidence-based and from a broad range of sources. We would like to thank all the experts and community leaders who helped us compile the material and encouraged us to make it happen.

If you have any suggestions or see room for improvement, then please get in touch at info@spain.actnowcollective.org

Meet the Team

Robert Bourke


Robert Bourke runs an architecture practice in Dublin and teaches Master’s Degree students at the School of Architecture, University College Dublin. He is a passionate advocate of the power of design-thinking to help solve the critical issues of our time.

He spent much of his life wondering “why doesn’t somebody do something about that” before realising that “I am somebody”. And so, the Act Now Collective was formed in January 2021, with the aim of inspiring others to take individual and collective action – empowered by their own life experience, skills and interests.

Brian Byrne

Graphic Designer

Brian Byrne is a graphic designer based in Wexford and works under the moniker Lands. He specialises in visual identity work, brand strategy, print publications and digital design.

Brian joined the collective because of what he sees as a moral obligation to address climate change. He understands how transformative design can be and believes it will be essential in building a sustainable future. He hopes to play some small part in that transformation.

Ana Calvo

Nutritionist MSc

Ana Calvo has a Master’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition and more than 8 years of experience working in the health business. Ana follows and promotes a wholefoods plant-based diet for disease prevention, management and reversal. She also specialises in weight loss and sports performance.

Ana decided to join the Act Now Collective as she believes that the food we eat has a huge impact not only on our health but also on our planet.

Colin Carthy

Graphic Designer

Colin Carthy is a graphic designer with an aptitude for brand and identity design. Working across both print and screen platforms, he naturally incorporates illustration into his work.

Using design to promote climate action, Colin hopes to show others how easily they can live a sustainable lifestyle. He believes by implementing these small actionable changes, everyone can develop ways of living that can and will make a difference to our environment.

Sara Chudzik


Sara Chudzik is an editor working and living in Dublin.  With a background in publishing, Sara is most interested in how climate change is represented across the media and in the arts.  She also loves sustainable fashion.

Sara believes that everyone has a responsibility to look after the planet, especially when facing a climate crisis. She joined the Act Now Collective in hopes to learn how to live more sustainably while using her skills to help others stay aware and informed about what we can do to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Rachel Loughrey

Architectural Designer + Climate Ambassador

Rachel Loughrey is an architectural designer, photographer and climate ambassador. She is passionate about nature, healing the earth and spreading awareness through educating others about the impact and solutions to climate change.

“We are nature, nature is us. Through taking actions small and big we have the power to create a healthier, happier and more compassionate home. I am so grateful to be part of Act Now, a community working together to make the changes that we need to heal this wonderful planet.”

Malin Mohr


Malin Mohr is an architect and urban designer specialising in participative, human-centered design. In her architectural work she explores how our environments shape who we are and how we grow by co-creating spaces that support a healthier everyday life for people and their communities.

Malin joined the Act Now Collective as a way to bring people together and support each other in making healthy everyday decisions for ourselves and for each other. It is a beautiful thing to realise that all starts within us – with the decisions we make for our bodies and in our homes.

If you would like to join the team behind the Act Now Collective or become a contributor, please get in touch at: info@spain.actnowcollective.org

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following people who contributed to this website either by providing content or offering their advice, moral support or encouragement.


Chris Haughton  A very special thanks to Chris for the illustration used throughout the website

Áine Bird Farming for Nature

Karolina Backman Architects Declare

Alison Bourke Writer and Journalist

Olwen Bourke Fashion Designer

Philip Comerford Architect

Danielle Curtis FLAC

Joelle Hernandez Environmentalist

Ali Kelly Nuw

Hugh Mullan Economist

Brian Merriman Act Now team

Aisling Sexton One of the original Act Now members

Vinnie Wall Doctors for the Environment

Darragh Wynne Covid Alarm Clock


Áine O’Gorman Stop Climate Chaos

Fergal, Debora, Helen, Ivan and Eric 
Dublin Friends of the Earth

Seán McCabe TASC

Jonathan Black

Denis Bourke

Aoibh Cameron

Catriona Duggan

Achim Gottstein

Eugene Langan

Frank Monaghan

Jonathan Sexton

Amy Skimming Black

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© 2021 Act Now  |  Política de Privacidad

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